Anti Bullying

Our aim as a club is to create a safe and friendly environment in order to give all participating gymnasts a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. We strive to provide the opportunity for members to achieve their full gymnastic potential and to improve the physical well being, posture, co-ordination, concentration and confidence of all.

Bullying is an anti-social activity, which will not be tolerated by the club. It undermines the confidence and concentration of the victim and can lead to both physical and emotional decline.

Bullying of any form will not be tolerated within the Club

  • Physical: including pushing, kicking, spitting
  • Verbal:    including name calling, sarcasm, teasing, ridicule, ignoring
  • Racial:     including taunts, graffiti, gestures
  • Sexual:    including comments, suggestion

Plymouth Swallows Gymnastics Club encourages anyone who knows that this is happening to report it to a coach, office staff or a welfare officer.

If requested this can be without that person being identified in any further action, so if necessary this could be done by letter or e-mail or through the Club’s Complaints procedure.

Incidents of bullying will be dealt with immediately either by the coach or the Head Coaches Boys/Girls whereby complaints will be recorded making sure that both sides of the story are listened to and all involved parents will be informed.

Parents and/or gymnasts will be involved in deciding any outcome from the action, which should be aiming to change the behaviour.

Any sanctions or warnings will be appropriate to the child and to the incident and appeals can be submitted for reconsideration.